Parish Council Meetings

Tucker's Grave Inn

The Parish Council normally meets on the second Wednesday of each month in the village hall in Faulkland.

Meetings start at 7.30 p.m.

Dates for the current year are below. Minutes for 2010–2015 can be found in the Archive. We also have a selection of historic minutes (1894-1988).

Our entries in the parish newsletter can be found in Newsletters.


10 January     AGENDA    MINUTES

14 February     AGENDA     MINUTES

14 March     AGENDA     MINUTES

11 April     AGENDA     MINUTES

9 May Annual Parish Meeting 7.30 p.m.     AGENDA

9 May Annual Parish Council Meeting 8 p.m.     AGENDA     MINUTES

13 June     AGENDA     MINUTES

11 July     AGENDA     MINUTES

8 August     AGENDA     MINUTES

12 September     AGENDA      MINUTES

10 October     AGENDA      MINUTES


11 January     AGENDA    MINUTES

8 February     AGENDA     MINUTES

8 March     AGENDA     MINUTES

22 March     AGENDA     MINUTES

12 April     AGENDA     MINUTES

10 May Annual Parish Meeting 7.30 p.m.         AGENDA     MINUTES

10 May Annual Parish Council Meeting 8 p.m.     AGENDA

14 June     AGENDA     MINUTES

12 July     AGENDA     MINUTES

9 August     AGENDA     MINUTES

20 September     AGENDA     MINUTES

11 October     AGENDA     MINUTES

8 November     AGENDA     MINUTES

13 December     AGENDA     MINUTES


13 January     AGENDA     MINUTES

10 February     AGENDA     MINUTES

9 March     AGENDA     MINUTES

13 April     AGENDA     MINUTES

11 May Annual Parish Meeting    AGENDA     

11 May Annual Parish Council Meeting     AGENDA     MINUTES

25 May     AGENDA     MINUTES

8 June     AGENDA     MINUTES

13 July     AGENDA     MINUTES

10 August     AGENDA     MINUTES

14 September     AGENDA     MINUTES

21 September     AGENDA     MINUTES

12 October     AGENDA     MINUTES

19 October     AGENDA     

9 November     AGENDA     MINUTES

14 December      AGENDA     MINUTES